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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dometic to debut new RV toilets

Dometic announced on Oct. 15 that it will showcase two new toilets at the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., Dec. 1-3.

“This year at RVIA, we are excited to showcase the MasterFlush 7640, the RV industry’s first-ever pedal-operating macerating toilet,” said said Dave Schutz, Vice President, RV OEM Sales and Marketing, Dometic Americas RV Division. “We’re also introducing the CT 4000, a toilet with a convenient cassette-style holding tank for easy removal and dumping.”

The MasterFlush 7640 is the first pedal-operated macerating toilet in the RV industry. It is designed for RV owners who want to upgrade to a powerful, comfortable macerator toilet without paying the premium price of an all-ceramic toilet. Swirl-jet flush provides a powerful, more thorough rinsing of entire bowl. Toilet discharge is isolated from the holding tank, eliminating the possibility of holding tank odors entering the bathroom. The new MF7640 toilet also can replace existing gravity-discharge RV toilets because it fits in the same footprint and on the same flange as many standard RV toilet models.

CT 4000 series toilets feature a full-size, lightweight plastic toilet with ceramic bowl liner for just-like-home cleanliness and comfort. The entire toilet seat rotates 90 degrees in each direction to accommodate a wider range of installation options. The Dometic toilet incorporates a convenient “cassette” holding tank that, when it is ready to discharge, slides out from below the toilet via a service hatch on the outside of the RV. Using a pull out handle and built-in wheelsthe 5-gallon tank can be rolled to the nearest dump-out facility.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Will ice cubes in an RV sewer tank dislodge waste buildup?

A buildup of solids in an RV sewer tank is a bad thing. So getting rid of the yucky mess should it occur is a frequent topic of discussion among RVers. Most of us have heard that putting ice cubes down the toilet will do the job. The idea is the hard cubes will bounce around when the RV is moving, banging all that nasty buildup away. So does it work? James of the Fit RV ( http://fitrv.com ) wanted to find out. See the results in this very interesting and enlightening video.

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